Quorum Creative doesn't do just one thing. It was built for modern political communications.


Strategic Communications

Modern audiences face an unprecedented volume of messages, putting pressure on campaigns and organizations to generate compelling content and develop sustainable, engaging narratives. We’ll work with you to develop a cohesive narrative and savvy message that speak to your target audiences, then help you select the right platforms for reaching them.

Integrated Creative Services

The old-school notion that you need to hire different companies to deploy your message on different platforms too often results in creative projects that are misaligned and disjointed. Integrated creative development — having the same creative team apply your message in print, online, and over-the-air — saves time, money, and enforces message discipline.

Digital Strategy

The reach, flexibility, measurability, and pinpoint accuracy offered by digital platforms have made a modern, thoughtful digital strategy an utterly critical part of modern politics. We’ve been running award-winning digital strategies in politics since 2006, but we don’t just advise our clients on digital strategy… we advise them on communications strategy applied cohesively in the digital space.

Let's talk and see if we're a good fit.

Because Quorum Creative is a small agency, we don't chase every potential client. We want to work with clients for whom we're a good fit, and who are a good fit for us. It starts with a conversation.